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There’re lots of things to be happy about in this chilly December, but right now we’re celebrating a milestone. We’ve surpassed the five hundred thousand (500.000) thermometer served! Rounding a half a million downloads seemed like the perfect time to launch another update that would make Thermo even more accessible to people around the world. Thermo 1.3 is now live in the App Store, and with it we’re introducing 17 New languages. We’re also introducing Horizontal History (For awesome History owners), iOS Twitter integration and a redesigned auto location system.

Go get the update from the App Store now!

We’d like to thank all the awesome Thermo users from around the world who contributed to the translations: Leonidas, Anh Do, Greg, vegazvegaz, Jan Jansen, Kim Schneider, René Zschoch, Guillaume, Bas van der Ploeg, Mattia, Yannick Lung, Kirill, Colin Kneupper, Sigurd Ljødal, Pascal Reymond, Boris Bügling, Baldur Jón Kristjánsson, Stefano Giacomuzzi, Szabolcs Sz, Lars, Martin Sedlak, Freerk Smit, Roy Swinkels, Till, Tomasz Zając, Alexsander Akers, Alex Wild, Lars Schütt, Peter Kovár, Hannes Hasselberg, Oscar Alaniz, Marcus Lindgren, Oscar Palmér, Juan C Guzman, Alejandro, Leandro Vale, Yosun, SaMaHy, Ömer Balamir, irmq8i, Samer Sabeeh, Aaron, Khalid Shahbic, Maksi soufiane, Ahmed, Samer Sabeeh, Lachin Akhmedov, Isaac Cortez, Furkan Mustafa, George Nirakis, Kuba Bąk, Hazem Alendari, saichon bratholm, Egehan Dülger, Marius Paliulionis, M.N., Mhmood Zaidan